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A map of New Snivi

New Snivi is a small island located somewhere in the world of Oerth. Its exact geographical location on Oerth is unknown, but it is somewhere in the Tempest Ocean.


New Snivi is nearly as diverse geographically as the population who inhabits it. With a massive desert spanning over 100 miles to the southeast, the aptly named "Great Wood" in the north, and an impressive range of mountains to the south, a journey across New Snivi can take one through nearly any sort of land.

Toward the center is the Medietas Valley, a small 100-mile long area with easy access to all the variety of terrain that New Snivi has to offer. It is here that the population is most diverse, as cultures from the forests, desert, mountain and water all live in close proximity.

Government and Population

The peoples of New Snivi are numerous and diverse. There is no central government of any kind. Major cities are self-governed, with some surrounding villages pledging allegiance to the nearest city. These city-states are generally friendly toward one-another and trade freely. However, the problems of one are very rarely addressed by another. When word reaches a city that the next city over has been attacked by orcs or hit with a great flood, the way of thinking is generally, "That's tragic, but we can't risk our own people to help them. They'll spring back, they always do."

Most of these cities are ruled by humans, but elves, dwarves, and halflings are all numerous as well. In the orc lands, orcs and goblins reign supreme, attemping to take new territory all the time. The Great Wood holds countless wood elves and gnomes. Numerous dragonborn tribes can be found across the island, taking to whatever their favorite form of terrain.

Campaigns on New Snivi

So far, New Snivi has been the setting for two D&D 5th Edition games.

  1. Karoo's Journey, run by Shane Ivins.
  2. The Watchers, run by Shane Ivins.